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Featuring the Finest Huacayas Genes Allow!!

Our alpaca farm is located in Alva, Florida.  Alva is a small rural community approximately 20 miles outside of Ft. Myers, Florida.  To our knowledge and the best of our research we are the first alpaca ranch in this part of Florida.  Please call or email if you would like a ranch tour. 

Real Ranch Bosses - Cyndi Smith - CBSmith@STARanchAlpacas.com
                                Becky Tuscan -
Ranch President - Jeff Tuscan - JMTuscan@STARanchAlpacas.com
Ranch Location: 
17700 Caloosa Rd
Alva, Florida 33920
(239) 728-5022
Alpacas in Florida staranchalpacas logo
Ranch Foreman - Stephen Smith - SESmith@STARanchAlpacas.com

Ranch Secretary - Meghan Lighthall

Helpful Links: 

Ranch Hands - 
Kelsey Smith
Carissa Smith
Megan Tuscan
Lauren Tuscan
Justin Lighthall
Brian Cole

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